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A portion of my stock footage can be sighted on Nature Picture Library's site: 

Nature Showreel 

From underwater to deserts, arctic waters to tropical islands, I have been privileged to witness and film in many incredible locations, some of them are becoming threatened by climate change. 

Expedition filming

Filming in snow and ice is my specialty. As a guide myself, I have been part of many expeditions to guide, manage or film. As the filmmaker, the art is to be part without impending progress and it is often forgotten that I have to complete the expedition myself whilst filming it!


Factual Showreel

In recent years, I have enjoyed reexpanding my repertoire from Wildlife to factual documentaries 

Aerial Showreel - coming up

A large part of my work is now based on drone cinematography. I enjoy using drones not only for large scale landscape but also to introduce meaningful motion at the micro scale

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