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Wildlife Cinematographer at heart

Originally a marine biologist with a PhD in Antarctic ecology, I have over 20 years experience in wildlife documentary production, mostly cinematography and field producing. I am an extreme environment specialist, from the tropics to the polar regions, with a solid guiding and expedition background (IPGA certified polar guide). I am used to filming unsupported in remote areas, both topside and underwater. An Antarctic veteran,   I overwintered twice on year long projects to film Emperor penguins for BBC Planet Earth (2005) and BBC Spy in the Huddle (2013). 

Most of my work has been in natural history (BBC NHU, Nat Geo), science, various human documentaries (Nat Geo. ABC, SBS), conservation and educational programs. Recent work for upcoming programs include commissions from Disney+ (Plimsoll Productions),  Netflix (Silverback Films) and  BBC (John Downer Productions).  

I operate  RED, Sony, Canon systems,  remotely controlled cameras, stabilised systems and drones,  macro and time lapse.  I am a CASA licensed drone pilot (AU).

 2018: UK GTC Award for Excellence/Cinematography 2018:Shared Emmy Cinematography Spy in the Wld

Fred contributed to the folloiwng programs amongst others

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